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We Customize Our Service To Meet Your Needs

Fees are based on the number of services you need, and are priced out on a total project basis based on number of service tasks requested.

All clients need to sign a Matters at Hand contract signed by Ms. Camille Jayne, Founder, and all monies must be made out to Matters at Hand for deposit into the Matters at Hand bank account before we can commence work. No Matters at Hand Team Member can contract with, or accept money from, a client on an individual basis or in their name.

As part of our service, we will put together a filing system of all your pertinent information and records; your new accounts and contacts; copies of all the correspondence letters sent out on your behalf; and your individualized budget system.

Call Us For a Free Consultation: (248) 762-2520

Call us at 248-762-2520 for a free consultation so we can take you through an even more in depth list of our services. We will then customize our service offerings to meet your specific needs. You will certainly save yourself much stress, time and money overall by working with Matters at Hand.