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Handling the Death of a Loved One

The challenge of facing all the things one's day-to-day life demands is dramatically compounded when you experience a traumatic life changing event such as a death of a spouse. At such a time it's hard enough to want to get up in the morning, let alone have the energy to attend to the multitude of critical matters that must be addressed immediately. Your heart and mind are working on overload, many times resulting in an inability to make decisions. At this traumatic time in your life you feel like you don't even know where to start. Everything is a blur. This is natural. This is also temporary. You will get stronger in time.

The challenge of managing all your own family's day-to-day life demands is dramatically compounded when you are dealing with the emotional loss of a mother or father, sibling - or even aunt or uncle whose affairs you have been asked to organize and bring to closure. At these times, your emotional energy and time are primarily focused on dealing with this difficult period yourself, and/or helping others who perhaps are also left behind - such as the deceased's spouse, your siblings, nieces and nephews. This leaves little time to attend to the multitude of critical matters of the deceased that must be addressed sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, the many tax, financial, legal and insurance matters that occur because of the death of a spouse or loved one must be addressed quickly. If left until you are in the frame of mind to tackle them, these matters could become real problems for you and your family. If there are children, they may be too young, too far away, or too busy with their own lives to help as much as they would like.

This is where Matters at Hand can help. Knowing that a knowledgeable Matters at Hand team member is at your side helping you out - working with your family lawyer, accountant, banker, insurance agents, trust officer, and/or financial advisor will bring great peace of mind to everyone. We will identify, coordinate, review, and project manage all the matters at hand that simply must be addressed in order to facilitate your re-adjustment. Everything will be set up for you in an efficient, professional and caring way.

A Matters at Hand team member will meet with you and/or your family members personally in a free consultation to customize a service plan specifically to meet your needs.

We Can Help You From 'A to Z'

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Information Discovery
Your Matters at Hand team member will gather, review, and assess the status your and your loved one's pertinent information and records:
  • Current year tax filings
  • Bank, investment, stock option holdings
  • Retirement statements and beneficiaries
  • Insurance policies
  • Medical Bills
  • Assets and appraisals
  • Promissory notes
  • Social security and other income
  • Loan documents and credit statements
  • Real estate holdings
  • Titles
  • Monthly and annual expenses and cash flows
  • Insurance plans coverage and premiums
  • Trust and Will, POA & Healthcare Directive documents
  • Computer records/files/passwords
  • Inventory of valuable items
  • Memberships
  • Business records (if owner of a self-employed business)
  • Private storage

    Facilitating What Needs to Be Done
    There will be many things that will need to be changed from joint to individual accounts, insurance and pension benefits secured, information gathered for tax filings, medical bill reconciliation, etc., which your experienced Matters at Hand team member can facilitate for you. We have the knowledge to get these things done quickly and efficiently, dealing with everyone from your banker, insurance agents, government agencies, accountants, attorney and/or financial advisor to get all the necessary business and personal matters taken care of. We do the work to get everything ready for you to approve and sign.

    If you need a new advisor, Matters at Hand has a large network of the best professionals to whom we can introduce you. Matters at Hand never has any access to any accounts or monies.

    Matters at Hand will project manage the setting up of everything you and your advisors need to get re-started in your life:
  • Bank and investment accounts
  • Social security and other income
  • New Trust and Will, POA and Healthcare Directive documents
  • Estate tax return filings
  • Individual credit accounts and credit consolidation
  • Insurance and medical plans
  • Retirement plans and beneficiaries
  • Titles
  • Medical bills reconciliation with doctors, insurance and/or Medicare
  • Refinancing of real estate, if needed
  • Monthly budget, short term and long term cash flow plans
  • Automated bill paying and deposits
  • Computer systems
  • Exemptions and deductions, if working
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Security and safety precautions around your home

    Helping You Go Forward
    Matters at Hand team members have the business experience and network to help you go forward in new directions that you may need to take:
  • Recommending family and individual counseling professionals
  • Referring Real Estate brokers, appraisers and estate sale experts

    We can facilitate
  • Selling of and/or improving current home
  • Referrals to in home care/retirement housing options
  • Overseeing home estate sale
  • Coordinating and overseeing moving to a new home
  • Selling of vehicles and/or purchasing of new vehicles

    We can help with
  • Interim management and/or the selling of self-owned business
  • Writing of resume and finding a placement agency for job or volunteering options

    Keeping You On Track
    As part of our service, we will put together a filing system of all your pertinent information and records; your new accounts and contacts; copies of all the correspondence letters sent out on your behalf; your individualized budget system; and contact list with your Matters at Hand team member.

    Call Us For a Free Consultation: (248) 762-2520

    Call us at (248) 762-2520 for a free consultation so we can take you through an even more in depth list of our services. We will then customize our service offerings to meet your specific needs. You will certainly save yourself much stress, time and money overall by working with Matters at Hand.