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Getting Your Life Planning in Shape

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The challenge of managing all your own day-to-day life demands makes it hard to have the time to focus on making sure all your personal business affairs are in shape to best take care of you and your family now - or just as importantly, to protect you and them in future years.

As your family and/or assets grow, your affairs become more complex, and it becomes increasingly more critical that you have all your investment, insurance, retirement, trust and estate planning affairs in shape - especially if anything might happen to you. You may not even know where to start, what to look for or at, or the right advisors to whom to turn. Even if you do, you may not have the time or the inclination to get everything in shape. Everyone deserves to have the peace of mind that they and their families are well covered and protected - and have the best advisors.

This is where Matters at Hand can help. Knowing that a knowledgeable Matters at Hand team member is working on your behalf - gathering, reviewing and assessing all your important documents, accounts and budgets - and if your affairs are not in shape, then working with your attorney, accountant, banker, insurance agents, and/or financial advisor to do so - will bring great peace of mind to everyone. We will identify, coordinate, review, and project manage all the matters at hand that must be addressed for you to
make the final approvals to get everything completed. We fill out the forms, provide your advisors with the information they need, send the needed correspondence to the right places - making sure everything is done correctly on your behalf.

If you need any professional advisor referrals, we have a large network of the best attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, corporate trustees, insurance brokers, Realtors, etc. to recommend to you. Matters at Hand never has any access to any accounts or monies, we just efficiently, and professionally facilitate everything you need done.

A Matters at Hand team member will meet with you and/or other family members personally in a free consultation to customize a
service plan specifically to satisfy the goals you need to get finalized.

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We Can Help Make the Process Easier

Information Discovery, Review, & Assessment
Your Matters at Hand team member will gather, review, and
assess all your important information and records:

  • Bank, investment, stock, option holdings
  • Retirement and pension beneficiaries
  • Mortgage, loan and credit statements
  • Insurance coverage and premiums (life, medical, long term care, auto, home, umbrella, etc.)
  • Real estate holdings and titles
  • Titles for vehicles
  • Monthly and annual expenses for budget reasons
  • Minor guardianship trusts
  • Property appraisals
  • Promissory notes for legal documentation
  • Trust, will, power of attorney, healthcare directive documents

    Facilitating What Needs to Be Revised or Initiated
    If our discovery unveils that you need better insurance coverage, or you are paying too much in premiums - or you do not have a trust and will - or your current trust documents are outdated or do not provide you will any estate planning, your experienced Matters at Hand team member can facilitate getting everything in order for you. We will notify and work with your current advisors, or if you need any advisor referrals, we have a large network of the best professionals to recommend to you. We have the knowledge to get all the necessary business and personal matters taken care of quickly and efficiently. We do the work to get everything ready for you to approve and sign.

    Matters at Hand will facilitate:
  • Introductions to trust/estate planning attorneys; CPAs; financial advisors; insurance brokers, trust officers, Realtors, etc.
  • Overseeing the initiation of new trust and will, POA & healthcare directive documents
  • Funding of a trust (except for real estate property)
  • Refinancing of real estate
  • Consolidation of credit card debt
  • Transferring of property titles and deeds
  • Getting stock certificates in the correct name
  • New or revised health insurance coverage (medical; long term care)
  • New or revised home, auto or boat insurance coverage
  • Getting new life insurance or setting up of life insurance trust
  • Changing of life insurance plan beneficiaries
  • Changing/updating beneficiaries on retirement and pension accounts
  • Monthly budget and long term cash flow plans
  • Automated bill paying and deposits
  • Setting up of Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Security and safety precautions around the home

    Coordinating Whatever You Need
    Matters at Hand can coordinate:
  • Selling of and/or improving of your home
  • In Home Care Managers referrals
  • Overseeing home estate sale
  • Selling and/or purchasing of vehicles

    Keeping You On Track
    As part of our service, we will put together a filing system of all pertinent information; records of closed accounts, new documents and contacts; copies of all the correspondence letters sent out; budgets and contacts.

    Call Us For a Free Consultation: (248) 762-2520

    Call us at (248) 762-2520 for a free consultation so we can take you through an even more in depth list of our services. We will then customize our service offerings to meet your specific needs. You will certainly have the peace of mind that all your affairs are in shape for your years going forward.